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High Quality Plastic Parts Manufacturer In California

Cord Industries is dedicated to creating, producing, assembling, and distributing products with lean engineering, manufacturing, assembling, and distributing. As a low, mid and even high-volume custom plastic injection molding company, we are able to produce and deliver high-quality parts on time every time.

low volume injection molding

Expert Commercial Plastic Parts Manufacturing 

We are proud to provide a variety of modern technologies and services, which makes us unique among plastic injection molding companies. We generate exceptional plastic parts by using the most cutting-edge technological tools, precision molds, and expert knowledge. Our expertise in electronics, consumer health care, healthcare, business equipment, construction, and recreation/sport is just the beginning. 

Plastic Injection Mold Company: Providing A-Z Services 

Are you looking for an injection molding company who can help you with your product design and product prototype? Cord Industries specializes in working with our clients from the beginning to the end. Tooling and production are optimized when these three phases are integrated. Tooling and production are optimized when product design, prototyping, and mold design are integrated. The result is cost-effective production with high-quality and consistent parts. 

Custom Low Volume Plastic Parts

Are you the procurement manager? Are you the supplier manager looking for your industrial / commercial business? We’re here to help you!  Cord Industries offers Low MOQ (low minimum order quantity), also known as low volume plastic injection molding.

Injection Molding Services here in the USA with Low Minimum Order Quantities. Contact us to see how our domestic plastic injection molding services can help your business. 

Plastic Injection Molding Company – California, Arizona & Southwest USA

Cord Industries provides quality plastic injection molding services – from injection mold prototype design, to injection molding production to packaging services. Low Volume production mold manufacturing. 40+ years experience.

We proudly serve: Southern California & the greater South West region. Commercial Plastic Molding Manufacturer in Los Angeles County, Orange County, Santa Barbara, San Diego County, Riverside County, Phoenix AZ, Arizona and the greater SouthWest.

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