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Plastic Injection Molding Manufacturing

We’ve been a plastic manufacturing company for over four decades. We understand the challenges of commercial enterprises using plastic materials. We can develop lower cost, longer lasting, and more accurate plastic injection molded items and components. We can meet your needs for just-in-time deliveries. Our factory will do so. 

The Benefits Plastic Injection Molding

Increasingly, plastic injection molding is replacing other manufacturing methods as the preferred method for manufacturing plastic parts. Plastic injection molding can be used to manufacture a wide range of products, lowering labor costs and reducing waste. We provide a large range of materials and guarantee long-term repeatability.

Turnkey Solution for Plastic Parts Assembly, Packaging and & Shipping

Product design and manufacturing are all performed in house, from mold fabrication to shipping out your finished products. 

We use lean manufacturing and logistics programs to reduce overhead and increase productivity. 

Plastic Injection Molding – How it Works 

Cord Industries uses the thermoplastic injection process to manufacture molds that are able to closely monitor fill pressure, aesthetic preference, and product quality. The cycle times are sufficient for our molders to closely monitor fill pressure, aesthetic preferences, and product quality. 

Custom Low Volume Plastic Parts

Are you the procurement manager? Are you the supplier manager looking for your industrial / commercial business? We’re here to help you!  Cord Industries offers Low MOQ (low minimum order quantity), also known as low volume plastic injection molding.

Injection Molding Services here in the USA with Low Minimum Order Quantities. Contact us to see how our domestic plastic injection molding services can help your business. 

Plastic Injection Molding Company – California, Arizona & Southwest USA

Cord Industries provides quality plastic injection molding services – from injection mold prototype design, to injection molding production to packaging services. Low Volume production mold manufacturing. 40+ years experience.

We proudly serve: Southern California & the greater South West region. Commercial Plastic Molding Manufacturer in Los Angeles County, Orange County, Santa Barbara, San Diego County, Riverside County, Phoenix AZ, Arizona and the greater SouthWest.

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