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Plastic Injection Molding

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Plastic Injection Molding

With decades of real world experience, we're here to help you achieve success “shooting” plastic parts. While we don’t claim to know everything, we’ve seen and helped solve most scenarios that will be encountered when it comes to injection molding. Combining physics, technology, experience and art is what makes a good molder!

As a full-service provider of precision plastic injection molding, Cord Industries offers complete in-house mold-design, tool fabrication, prototype, or production tooling and fabrication with fast turnaround for your urgent tooling needs, so you can get your plastic products to market sooner.

How Plastic Molding Injection Works

Cord Industries uses the standard thermoplastic injection process that involves aluminum or steel molds with integrated heating or cooling lines, which result in cycle times that allow our molders to closely monitor fill pressure, aesthetic preferences, and the quality of the product. Next the molders load resin pellets into a hopper which transfers material to the barrel for melting, compressing, and injecting into the mold via the gates, to mold the part. There are ejector pins that remove the part from the mold and drop it into a loading bin. After the completion of each run, parts (or the samples) are checked for accuracy and compliance before being boxed and prepared for shipping.

The primary advantage of injection molding is that production can be scaled en masse while keeping costs extremely low. The process is also highly repeatable, which is important for brand consistency in high volume production work.

Our Advantage

At Cord Industries, we take pride in using the newest technologies to ensure quality and fast turnaround. We work with multiple 3d print companies to aid in creating custom prototypes for function and fit verification, before running high volume end-use production parts. In many cases, due to our in-house inventory that includes dozens of thermoplastic resins, we can be producing injection molded part in under 15 days.

Our expert team also offers design guidelines to help our clients enhance cosmetic appearance and moldability of the part, and reduce overall production time. Contact us today and choose from a range of production-grade thermoplastic resins that include PP, PC, ABS, and nylon, as well as high-performance resins like PEI and PEEK, or even your own supplied thermoplastics to start molding your parts.

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