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Injection Molding Company: Product Design & Product Prototypes

Are you looking for an injection molding company who can help you with your product design and product prototype? Cord Industries specializes in working with our clients from the beginning to the end. Tooling and production are optimized when these three phases are integrated. Tooling and production are optimized when product design, prototyping, and mold design are integrated. The result is cost-effective production with high-quality and consistent parts. 

How We Can Help – Injection Molding Design & Prototypes 

The skilled and experienced team at Cord Industries is prepared to assist you in developing prototype designs for a new product or improving an existing one. You can rely on us to provide a variety of rapid prototyping variants to verify the function, shape, and fit of your injection molding design. The rapid prototyping approach is particularly well-suited for businesses seeking to get to market quickly. 

Plastic Injection Mold Design 

The functionality and purpose of the molded product are two of the most critical elements to consider when designing a mold. Smooth production runs are accomplished with capable molds, helping to create consistent high-quality parts by allowing for repeatable processes. Material(s) are considered along with shape and form when designing a mold.

• The final function of the part

• How the part interacts with connected/adjacent items in the assembly 

• The stresses applied to the part when in use 

• How the material interacts with the mold during the forming (injection) process

Cord Industries can help you with your unique rapid prototyping needs to include but not limited to:

  • Stereolithography (SLA) – This option is considered the basic go-to for rapid prototyping in modern industry. One of our partners will provide you a functional 3D model from a CAD file that you can use for the first review of your design concept.
  • CNC Machining – This may be an option if you’re looking to fabricate an object from a specific material.
  • Low-cost Injection Molds – Usually constructed of aluminum (or in some cases 3d printed) this is the most modern-developed prototyping approach available today. It’s typically used for critical applications when other options are too limited, or when you have an urgent need of parts.

Custom Low Volume Plastic Parts

Are you the procurement manager? Are you the supplier manager looking for your industrial / commercial business? We’re here to help you!  Cord Industries offers Low MOQ (low minimum order quantity), also known as low volume plastic injection molding.

Injection Molding Services here in the USA with Low Minimum Order Quantities. Contact us to see how our domestic plastic injection molding services can help your business. 

Plastic Injection Molding Company – California, Arizona & Southwest USA

Cord Industries provides quality plastic injection molding services – from injection mold prototype design, to injection molding production to packaging services. Low Volume production mold manufacturing. 40+ years experience.

We proudly serve: Southern California & the greater South West region. Commercial Plastic Molding Manufacturer in Los Angeles County, Orange County, Santa Barbara, San Diego County, Riverside County, Phoenix AZ, Arizona and the greater SouthWest.

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