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Product Assembly & Packaging Services

Minimize Logistics, Maximize Profits

Product Assembly & Packaging Services

One great benefit of working with medium sized, family owned companies is the flexibly it affords. In many cases, we can help our customers increase profitability and reduce logistic hassles by packaging their plastic parts for retail use and placing into master cartons ready for shipping.

Our vast experience in post-mold handling of components makes us the ideal partner for finished assembly or complete packaging ready for distribution and/or resale.

To reduce your production costs and improve your competitiveness, in many cases we can perform these value-added operations within the molding cycle time. This unique approach can save your company both time and money. This translates to a single vendor relationship with one point-of-purchase enabling fast, flexible, cost-effective, and complete product assemblies that are ready for use.

Assembly Services

The Cord Industries assembly team has the ability to customize mechanical assembly equipment for quick and efficient assembly of your parts. The process involves:

  • Joining several plastics parts using adhesive bonding, solvent, or sonic welding
  • Application of decals
  • Integrating third-party parts onto the injection molded parts to produce a complete assembly
  • Adding machined or fabricated components (electronics, metals, and so on) to the plastic parts
  • Creating sub assemblies or complete assembly of finished items

Packaging Services

Our team of trusted vendors can help you come up with innovative and exciting packaging designs that help your products stand out from the displays and build on your brand recognition. At Cord Industries, we provide our clients with a high level of technological and personalized service to help them create and produce top-notch packaging solutions. Our packaging includes:

  • Packaging design concepts
  • Clam-Shell packaging
  • Flexible packaging solutions
  • Bagging
  • Master packs ready for direct to distribution shipping

Our Advantage

Through the combination of state-of-the-art machinery and a passionate and experienced team, our customers are assured of high quality components and personalized service that gives them exactly what they need the first time. Our range of services allows us to be a total solutions provider to our clients, so we can handle their business from start-to-finish.

The efficiency that Cord Industries gives you translates into consistently precise parts, time savings, and cost savings, which means that our performance also directly benefits your bottom line.

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