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Insert molding & Over molding

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Insert molding & Over molding

We are well versed in nuances of making plastic parts that involve mixing and matching materials to create a finished good. Our operators have years of experience working at presses to assure proper insert placement and over molding methods along with performing the required QC when running these complex procedures.

At Cord Industries, we provide a variety of injection molding processes to include overmolding and insert-molding.


Overmolding involves molding one material over another one. Starting with the base layer, you can mold one or more additional plastic layer(s) over and around the original part to produce one, finished product.

The process uses high quality plastic materials that are compatible to ensure that the materials bond together mechanically and chemically, without the risk of molding defects such as distortion, melting, gaps, or stress fractures. To further ensure quality end products, we design each mold meticulously and perform the molding process with great precision, both of which reduce the risk of defects considerably.

Overmolding is primarily used to provide parts with a combination of characteristics that cannot be produced by a single material. For instance, the process can be used to add a soft, functional, user-friendly layer of rubber-like material with good grip (like thermoplastic elastomer - TPE) over a hard substrate. The technique can also be used to enhance or change the cosmetic appearance of a part by simply overmolding a material of better color or finish to it.

Our clients choose this manufacturing process because it provides outstanding adhesion between different materials while eliminating the need to assemble materials manually. This translates to enhanced safety, strong and sturdy finished product, and increased durability of part. Since the process can be automated to some extent, overmolding is also cost-effective and fast, providing you with accelerated product-to-market. But even more important is the superior range of material characteristics that product developers can attain.

Some of the common items produced through overmolding include car steering wheels, power tools and hand tools, phones, medical devices, and gaskets.

Insert Molding

This process involves the injection of plastic material into a mold cavity containing a preformed part (metallic). This results in quicker assembly time, less part weight, reduced part size, and cost-effective production. Some of the items produced through the insert molding process include vacuum hose connectors, filters using fine mesh inserts, medical syringes, automobile air ducts, and heavy equipment components.

Whether you choose overmolding or insert molding, Cord Industries strives to optimally fulfill customized requirements that give you exactly what you want.

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